Benefits of Setting Boundries

Benefits of Setting Boundries

Lets talk boundaries...

We all have that one person (or people) who we find it extremely hard to say "no" to. That is if you are like us. By no means are we saying don't help when you can, but when you find yourself over-extending yourself or even inconveniencing yourself to help others, you need to re-evaluate the situation.

Here are a few reasons why you should set boundaries, the benefits of setting boundaries and how to even create boundaries.

A few examples of what you can set a boundary for:

  • personal space
  • sexuality
  • emotions or thoughts
  • possesions
  • time and energy
  • culture, religion, and ethics

Here's how you can create boundaries:

  • learn to say "no"
  • safeguard your spaces
  • be assertive
  • be clear on your needs

Maybe my earlier examples don't apply to you and you're wondering why you need to set boundaries at all. Well... here's why:

  • boundaries improve our relationships and self-esteem by making yourself a priority
  • boundaries allow us to conserve energy 
  • boundaries ensure that your needs are met
  • you carry less anger and resentment
  • have feelings of peace and safety
  • you have more time and energy to do things that nourish and bring joy to your well-being

Hope this helped show you why setting boundaries is so important to our overall well-being and that you can apply these tips to your every day life.

Until next time. xo

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