Self Care Myths

Self Care Myths

Happy Self Care Sunday!

If you haven't noticed, self-care is a big deal right now. Commercials, magazine articles, and an increasing amount of Instagram pages are focused on self-care, Therapy With A Twist, LLC included. Rightfully so. We know all too well the benefits of self-care and make no secret about being advocates for the self care movement. 

Lets be clear though. Not everything you read about self care is true. There are major myths out there. In this blog we plan on exploring and breaking down the most common misconceptions about self-care. 

The number one misconception about self-care is self-care is selfish. Wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of your overall well-being. It's incredibly important to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it reduces stress, increases confidence, and gives you  a more positive outlook on life. That's right, all of that can come from self-care.

Lets explore some other self care myths.

  • Self-care is time consuming. Wrong. Checkout our blog post titled to find things you can do self-care related between 1-5 minutes
  • Self-care is a one time experience. Nope. Whenever you feel a burnout coming, or when you have free time you can always do something to take care of yourself. Treating yourself to your favorite ice cream, taking a bubble bath, going to the gym, or going for a drive alone.
  • Self-care is expensive. Try again. There are so many free or inexpensive things that you can do. "They" say the best things in life are free, and as it relates to self-care "they" are right! It doesn't cost a thing to make your favorite snack and turn on your favorite movie.
  • Self-care activities are things you do alone. Wrong again. Doing something for yourself can involve the people who bring you peace. Are the kids driving you crazy? Your spouse? Well, call up your family or friends and do one of your favorite activities.

Just call us myth-busters. 

Until next time. xo

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I’ve always thought self care was something you do alone. I’ve never thought about calling friends but that does sound fun and would be a nice break from the spouse and kids. I’m going to try that next time!


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