Sisterhood - It Takes a Tribe

Sisterhood - It Takes a Tribe

Lets talk about friendship, well we like to call it sisterhood - or a tribe. In fact, our company, Therapy With A Twist, LLC, was founded on just that. There is a large portion of people who think that women, specifically black women, do not get along. I mean, a lot of times in the media we see women fighting one another, betraying one another, and even putting each other down. That's not what we're going to talk about on this blog as we are examples of how women, together, can do amazing things.

Lets explore the benefits of having a tribe of your own. By the end of this blog if you don't already have one you'll be well on your way to building one!

-To create a sisterhood don't be afraid to take matters into your own hand and connect (or re-connect) with women that you have similar interest with. 

-Don't hesitate to collaborate with women who are doing amazing things. You never know how this will elevate you/your brand.

-Having women in your life to show support, to share our thoughts and feelings, specifically when it feels like the world is against you will shift your mindset and energy for the better.

In short, sisterhood is empowering. In order for a woman to know, love and honor you as her sister, she must know, love, and honor herself. Love attracts love and we can lean on each other to connect and share resources. Let's make an impact on the world... together.

Until next time. xo

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Having strong friendships and building a sisterhood is so important especially in our 30s. I’m so grateful to have that!


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