Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

For most of us, the Easter holiday marks the coming of spring, and thus, spring cleaning. We get rid of clothes we no longer wear, make up products that may be out of date, and we may even change our home decor. For many, Spring is a time for regrowth and renewal. 

In this season, it is important we do not forget our mental health.

Here are a few things you can do to start letting go of "mental clutter" just as easily as those old items in your closet you no longer wear:

  • De-clutter toxic relationships and drama
  • Take the time to eliminate bad habits
  • Get rid of any tendencies to gossip and constantly complain
  • Remove any negative thoughts and self doubt

Now that you have de-cluttered your mind and your physical space you have room for new things that serve you and will invite positivity into your life. Here are a few areas that de-cluttering your mental and physical space can help with:

  • Gratitude. It's time to refocus on the things that we are grateful for.
  • Positive Relationships. Reconnect with those friends that have great energy and support your dreams instead of investing time with people who drain your energy.
  • Mindfulness. Being aware of our thoughts and feelings allow us to be better prepared for any curve balls life throws.
  • Changing your perspective. Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the moments of joy and the progress that you re making.

One thing is for certain, Spring cleaning is necessary and can bring some amazing changes to your life. Are you ready?

Until next time. xo

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I am definitely ready for a good mental spring cleaning.


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