Self Care Tips To Help You Live Your Best Life!

Self Care Tips To Help You Live Your Best Life!


Hey Guys! We want to share with you some of our favorite and most effective self-care tips so you can live your BEST life!

Did you know there are things you can do in as little as one minute to take care of yourself? Yep, you heard us correctly, one minute! Below, we are going to outline a few self care tips that even the busiest person can find time to incorporate in their daily routine. 

Low on time? Check these tips out that will only take 1-5 minutes:

  • deep breathing
  • eating a snack
  • making a cup of tea
  • meditating
  • playing your favorite song

Lets kick it up a notch! If you aren't too pressed for time, try these:

  • take a walk
  • face time with a loved one
  • go shopping
  • take a nap
  • take a bath
  • go on a vacation/staycation

Were any of these feasible for you?  We sure hope so! Lastly, we are going to go over a few things that you my not think are self care but totally are:

  • feeding your mind
  • cleansing your space
  • being nice to yourself
  • setting boundries
  • exploring your creativity
  • feeding your spirit

We're going to close this blog with a quote from the great Alice Walker.

"If we love ourselves, and deeply feel that love, and deeply live that love, we cannot be defeated."

Until next time. xo

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